Our wish is for everyone to be able to move freely with natural strength whatever your age and ability.

With our specialist fields of knowledge in fitness, movement, food, healthy lifestyle, motivation and pre and post-rehabilitation, we will endeavour to help you achieve all your goals and dreams.

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What our clients say about the classes

Karen and Richard are passionate about fitness and pass that great enthusiasm on to everyone in their classes. It’s so great to feel fit and flexible again!


Couldn't be without this class, it's improved my mobility, strength and posture as well as my general health and well being. Just makes me feel happy! My husband goes to an evening class, sitting at a desk all day is not good for anyone..... The exercises Karen does are tailored to the ability of the participants at all times, taking into account both ability and weaknesses. Best class I have ever been to for all round health and fitness.

Fiona, Haddington

Richard's class on a Friday is completely brilliant! For someone who is keen to be active but has struggled with lower back pain for years this class is totally great! Richard is so professional and calm and I feel light as a feather when I come out! Highly recommend!


Highly recommend! Have absolutely loved all the classes I've done with Karen and Richard. I work at a desk a lot and had neck/shoulder/back problems for a while but attending the classes eliminated all the pains and problems I had. Better than any medicine!


Our Aim

Bodycarewecare can help and support you onto the right track, showing you the best way to eat and exercise so you can truly move with natural freedom and strength enabling you to get the best from your mind, body and soul.

Balance Body & Mind

Create Healthy Lifestyles

Improve Nutrition

Increase Motiviation